Runningweek in China

This week I have been in China for work. The first two days after my arrival I ran two times 5km, because to get rid of my jet-lag and also because the factory is at 800m altitude, that is a bit higher than the 6m above sea-level where I live now. Both things are quite difficult to adjust to just after arriving.  I ran really relaxed and slow.

The next day, day three, I went for a longer run. First I ran along the river to leave the city. Then after 20 minutes I went on a dirtroad that left the river into the mountains. It was very beautiful going up along a creek along the fields and higher up forests. After 45 minutes I decided to turn around, this to be sure I could make it back. My heart wanted to run further, Iwas curious how far the road would continiue and what was around the next turn. For sure next time I will go running there again.

On friday we went rafting since this was the last visit of my collegue who will go enjoy his pension from now. It was a lot of fun.


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