Runningweek in China

This week I have been in China for work. The first two days after my arrival I ran two times 5km, because to get rid of my jet-lag and also because the factory is at 800m altitude, that is a bit higher than the 6m above sea-level where I live now. Both things are quite difficult to adjust to just after arriving.  I ran really relaxed and slow.

The next day, day three, I went for a longer run. First I ran along the river to leave the city. Then after 20 minutes I went on a dirtroad that left the river into the mountains. It was very beautiful going up along a creek along the fields and higher up forests. After 45 minutes I decided to turn around, this to be sure I could make it back. My heart wanted to run further, Iwas curious how far the road would continiue and what was around the next turn. For sure next time I will go running there again.

On friday we went rafting since this was the last visit of my collegue who will go enjoy his pension from now. It was a lot of fun.


White bird attack

After running Maastrichts Mooiste I have travelled for work two weeks. The first week I had heavy legs and the week after I didn’t feel like running. I just cam back now from a ten day holiday in San Diego, I started to run again and although it was not always easy, it went better and better.

One day I was running on a trail and suddenly I heard some noise from the trees. Some white bird flew just over my head, but then crashed on the ground….

I found this so strange, but then I added it up and it was a golfball that just past my head. Next day when I ran there again I was constantly watching for more possible air attack.

Maastrichts Mooiste 15K

  • Last sunday I ran a 15K race through sunny Maastricht and its surrounding fields and hills. My legs felt not great and I finished a little over 1:15. Marco ran fast and finished in 1:14. Harald ran 1:20 with only 3 training runs before running this 15K race.
  • Today it is wednesday and I still feel my calfs and hamstrings. Tomorrow I will go to China and then to Vietnam, so I will have plenty (probably too much) of rest.
  • Running in China and stuff…

    At this moment I am sitting in a internetbar at the airport of Seoul. I am on my way from Dalian to Jakarta. This last week I have been in the North East of China for work. I was able to run four times, so that is even above average.  Two times for 45 minutes outside and two times in the gym. The only thing is that I was not able to do a longer run and also due to some tensions between my company and our suppliers I drank quite some Mao Tai during dinner. One night was really heavy, I fell on my bed at 8pm and was woken up by my alarm at 6:45am, I hadn’t woken up at all and still felt a bit drunk. Anyways, now I am on my way to Indonesia and there will be fruit juices and time in the evening to relax and run more.

    In two weeks I will be running Maastrichts Mooiste. The distance will not be a problem (15km), but I want to run fast, since Katherine, Harald and Marco are also running there. I rather want to have a strong run then come with excuses 🙂 for the next year.

    After this trip I will go one week later again on a two week trip for work and a week after that I will have a holiday in sunny San Diego. I was planning to do a marathon at the end of the summer, but all this traveling makes it difficult to do long runs: treatmillrunning with a jetleg isn’t the best feeling. Half marathons will have to do for the coming monthes.

    Yesterday we finished work early and we went a few ours to Discovery World, in Dalian. A funpark a-la Disneyland. If Steve and Lois are ever in China again I will surely take them there. It is however a different experience. I went in this turning machine with arms that also turned in the other direction around the axe of the arm (I even can’t follow what I mean anymore). Not for people that get easily dissy, like me. This machine however also turned upside down. After a minute in this machine my head felt like the blood wanted to come out of my ears and noose… Next was a water ride that splashed so much water that there wasn’t a dry piece of clothing on me. Btw it was already drizzling when I went in and it turned int0 rain, so after this ride we went back to the hotel for a warm shower. It was a real fun and different experience.


    Last saturday I ran the Heuvelrugloop in Veenendaal, Province Utrecht. It was a 25km run in the hills and almost all in the forest. The weather was perfect for me: no wind, a little sun and about 15 degrees Celcius.

    I felt really good from the start and I had energy until the finish, 2:06:41 later.  Maybe it was of the nice breakfast that Harald arranged or maybe even from the Indian food dinner that Marco made…..

    1/2 marathon through flowerfields

    After going to the flowerparade with my mom, sister and aunt yesterday, I ran a 1/2 marathon today. After the start I felt that I didn’t have strong legs today. I ran a 1/2 marathon last week and trained too long on thursday (13k). Today it was also pretty warm, the first one this year, so I decided not to start to fast and try to finish strong at the end.

    First we ran through the dunes and forest and the last 8k we ran through the tulip-, daffodil- and hyacintfields. There was a sweet smell in the air that wasn’t motivating to run a bit harder. The last 3k I started running faster and finished in 1:51. A very beautiful run.

    Yesterday I ran a half marathon in Friesland: slach om e Mar.

    It was my first race of the season. The first 8k were with the wind so it was easy to keep a good pace. But then, of course we had to run back against the wind. At 10k my legs felt suddenly less stif and I ran nice, but running against the wind it could not keep pace the last 6k. Luckely three men overtook me and I could follow them for another 3k. The last 3k were hard, no energy in my legs left. I finished in 1:48. OK for a first race.

    After the race I went to Corneel. The was a sailing match on the lake.