Hiking: Lieserpfad

Saturday morning Harald picked me up and we drove to the Eifel in Germany. We were going to hike from Daun to Wittlich along the creek Lieser. Since we only got a map of the last bit of the trail, it took us a little before we found the trail and understood the sometimes unclear markers (of course clearly not our fault). The weather was very nice with some clouds and lots of sunshine. Going up and down along the hill forests and fields, we had to do several Wild-River-Crossings…

The trail was very nice and in the evening we found the perfect camp site in a clearing in the forest, not too far from the creek. After setting up camp and making a fire we fed ourselves with the typical trail food:

  • taaitaai en hopjesvlaai (gingerbread with pudding)
  • hamburgers
  • bami orientalis

At 5 in the morning the birds started to wake us up already and at 6:15 we decided to break up camp and continue. Maybe another reason was because Harald was sleeping outside without tent and it was raining quit hard. The rain didn’t bother a lot and eventually it stopped. This second day was more hilly and all the time in forests. At 11:30 we arrived in Wittlich from where we took a bus back to the car.

In 3 weeks Katherine and I will go hike 300k in Lappland. Thereforer it was a good test for all equipment we want to take. I found out that I might want train my legs a bit more these coming days, which makes hiking for 2 weeks more pleasant from the start.

One response to “Hiking: Lieserpfad

  1. Gorgeous pics!! Sounds like a fun trip. Also your camp food sounds yummy (lekker!)!

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